We have thousands of furnished units ready to rent for immediate occupancy.

Travel Trailer

TDS will provide on site power for all travel trailers as delivered to any address that has potable water and can be accessed by a septic pump down trucks.  The rental price is determined by the number of occupants with a minimum of four occupants. 

The units are new, not refurbished models. TDS, will provide a special discount pricing for previously refurbished travel trailers in the future. 

Imagine staying at the worksite without the hassle of the long commute from out of the affected disaster zones. All berthing with separate bedding areas along with RV refrigerator, L P cooktop to also include a combination microwave-convection oven. A coffee maker is also provided. 

TDS has you covered! Please call our toll free number ———-for the details of our unique on site temporary housing designed to fit the specific requirements of the heroes serving the displaced residents after the historic flooding and storm surge from this near category V hurricane. 

We provide on site maintenance and any repairs of our rental travel trailers should the need arise. We provide a 24 hour monitored phone service.